At Disturbia, sustainable practice is a core value in our ethos.
Our ultimate goal is creating subculture fashion that does no harm to the environment.

We're hyper-aware that a fashion brand does not simply become 100% sustainable overnight.

It's highly complex - and we want to be fully transparent about where we are on this journey.



We're dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions in our entire production chain. Part of this responsibility includes:

- Planting trees with Ecologi 
- Prioritise sea shipping over air 


We aim to scale down and eventually eliminate virgin and single-use plastic. Part of this goal includes: 

- Only using biodegradable and compostable mailers
- Reducing excessive packaging
- Using recycled or recyclable packaging wherever possible

Needless to say, this is a constant and complex work-in-progress, but we're striving to make this change.


There are a few things we do to take more responsibility for recycling - and there are a few things we are trying to do better:

- We have sorting systems at our Northumberland HQ to separate plastic, paper, and regular waste.
- Our goal is to increase the use of sustainable and recycled fabrics in our future production.


Disturbia pursues animal welfare by seeking cruelty-free alternatives to our current and future products:
- All our "fur" is faux
- All our leather is false or recycled 



How we treat our people and community matters. 

We're continuously listening, learning and evaluating the most impactful way in which we can use our unique platform proactively and positively:



- Every step of the production process, social welfare is top of our agenda.
- We have strong relationships with our manufacturers in the UK, China, Turkey and Morocco, all with checked, safe, vetted production facilities. 
- To further improve our review process, we'll be employing a third party to make additional quality checks. This will cover production, staff welfare and factory conditions/procedures as a whole. 
- We regularly visit our manufacturers and communicate on a daily basis.


- We're UK-based, but with an international perspective - and the majority of our Northumberland HQ team are women. 
- We stand with the transgender and gender non-conforming, LGBTQ community. 
- We're actively working to make our #DisturbiaClothing community on social media much more inclusive, as well as being a movement of people who dress, think and act outside the boxes of 'normalcy'.


- At Disturbia, we stand against systematic racism and social oppression in all forms, and we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.
- In June 2020, we produced a No Justice No Peace charity T-shirt and donated 100% of proceeds to Black Lives Matter UK.
- Alongside our statement and donation in 2020, we asked for more content creators and models in the Black community to collaborate together. 
- We're committed to doing better and diversifying our talent pool across all creative projects going forward.
- If you are interested in collaborating or joining our team, please email us at, or check out our careers here.

We support Amnesty International and Save the Children with monthly charitable donations, and also support the British Heart Foundation with regular donations of stock aiding and assisting in funding lifesaving research. 



- We're proud to have a fully traceable supply chain, with manufacturers in UK, China, Turkey and Morocco.
- These are checked and vetted production facilities, as social welfare is the top of our agenda. 
- To further improve our quality control regime during production, we'll be employing a third party to undertake additional quality checks before goods are shipped. Not only for product quality, but factory conditions and staff welfare. 


From our carbon footprint to our fabric production, we strive to improve our sustainability. 
- We're paying close attention and are committed to being open and honest about the steps we take towards our goals.
- The goalposts of sustainability are constantly moving, but we're committed and trying our best, every day.

We believe that subculture fashion is a force for good - a vehicle for self-expression and change. 
And we want to continue that positive power, while contributing to a more responsible fashion industry.


Want to know a little more - here are a list of links to the organisations we are working with to help realise our vision and objectives as a company.

We plants trees with Ecologi and Forest Carbon

Amnesty International

Save the Children

If you have any innovative ideas of solutions that could help us in our sustainable journey, we'd love to hear from you!