Here at Disturbia, we do things our own way. And if there’s anyone who understands this mantra, it’s alt rock band and your Best UK Breakthrough Artist, As December Falls. The last time we saw them, they were collecting their trophy at the Heavy Music Awards – so we were about due for a catch-up ahead of the release of their new album... 

Hello! It’s so great to chat to you guys again after meeting at the Heavy Music Awards! How did it feel to win Best UK Breakthrough Artist this year?!

Beth: It was crazy! An independent band winning Best UK Breakthrough Artist was just WOW. We were blown away just by the nomination, so to win was incredible. We all sat there just looking at each other when they said our name, then our PR Agent tapped us and was like, "Get up there guys you’ve won!” I think it’s only when we came off the Wembley stage that we all realised what had just happened!

Photograph by Dani Willgress

For anyone out there who is new to As December Falls, how would you describe your music in 3 words?

Beth: Energetic Sad-Girl Bops. (That counts, right?)

We love how genuine and relatable your lyrics are in so many of your tracks - a favourite of ours is ‘I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great’. What inspires your songwriting?

Beth: I usually write lyrics based on what I am going through at the time. Writing songs is like therapy to me, sometimes you just need to get the words out and then neaten them up for a song later! It can feel extremely vulnerable to lay yourself open like that, but if you’re going through something, chances are someone else is too and they will appreciate you for writing about it. I like to touch on serious topics but with a positive spin, so a song isn’t just complete wallowing. It’s a place for us to say, it’s fine that we’re going through these things, but we will get past it and move forward as a stronger version of ourselves.

Photograph by Jordan Sanderson

The release of your third LP Join the Club in July marks the beginning of a new chapter for As December Falls: what can fans expect from your new album cycle? 

Beth: Join The Club is the start of something great. The whole album is based around the amazing community and connection we have with our fan base. We are a completely independent DIY band, so to have this incredible sounding album that is even likely to hit the charts, it’s simply incredible! It’s beginning to feel less and less like it’s our third album and more like it’s our debut as we’ve grown so much in the last year, and we have gained so much traction to help build this into truly something great. The sound of the album is exactly where we want ADF to be; it’s got a track for everyone whether you like heavier music, pop punk bangers, or some sad bops. We have put our all into each and every song, and there is not one track on Join The Club that we are not immensely proud of. 

Photograph by Lauren Robey Photography

We know you’ve been a long time fan of Disturbia. Do you have any special requests for our design team? 

Beth: I am a huge fan of your skater dresses and tee dresses, so more of those please! My current fave go-to outfit is the Terra Mini Smock Dress. I wear it with the Exorcism Double Belt Harness for an edgy look on stage, and then without for a goth summer day-time dress. I have been wearing Disturbia for years and honestly I don’t see that changing any time soon! It’s the perfect combo of edgy and pretty, there's something for every occasion - which is why you’ll find me both on stage and sitting on my sofa, always wearing Disturbia!

Photograph by Lauren Robey Photography 

 It was great to see you guys rocking Disturbia on stage at Download! How carefully do you plan an on-stage outfit, and what do you look for when shopping for new ‘fits? 

Beth: When planning my stage outfits, I look for something that's flexible and doesn’t limit my movement - I’m often running round or doing back bends so it’s a big MUST for me. I often get feedback that says I’m a very confident front woman, but when you speak to me in person I’m a bit of a nerd. So the goal is that by putting on my stage outfit, I feel confident, and I become “on-stage Beth”. So I love a kick-ass outfit that helps put me into that on-stage mindset, and a punk edge usually ticks that box for me.

Photograph by Lauren Robey Photography 

You’re about to embark on a massive UK/EU tour. Which stop are you most excited for on this tour?

Beth: This is always such a difficult question as each time we tour a different show is my fave! I am super excited to play another show in Berlin as we had a blast last time, but there are lots of new cities/even countries that we haven’t played before so I’m completely ready to be blown away!

Photograph by Jay Sanderson

What is a must-have for you guys backstage?

Beth: Whisky & Water. Gotta stay hydrated, right?

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