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Everyone knows the moon’s presence gives you a superhuman sense of smell, sight and hearing. If you’re a werewolf. Or if you’re an insect, fish, bird, mouse, rat… the lunar cycle influences all of these creatures. But with humans (*crowd boos*), there’s still a lot of fuzzy ground about our closest celestial body. It gets blamed for all sorts: crime, mental illness, road accidents, suicides, sexual encounters in public...bit salty to blame it all on the moon. Still, whether you’re conscious of it or not, that pale, hazy dream is far from a faraway satellite. Where science meets myth meets magick, it actually plays a shining role in your everyday life…

Rainy days and Mondays

Saturn-day, Sun-day, Moon-day. How this diabolical first day of the work week is named after our nighttime friend, we do not know. Well, we do. The Babylonians named each day of the week after a ruling planet, which were named after ancient deities. The Romans continued the custom, designating Sunday and Monday as the first two days of the week. And now, Moon day is our moody, slow, shadowy struggle for energy, after staying up all weekend hosting parties on The Sims.