How To Astral Project Safely Out The Pandemic

It’s in your best interest to treat existence like an experiment. Because that’s all it is. A deep, vast, surreal chaos full of surprise and permanent impermanence is our only proven truth. Anyway, we all know you only came here for a quick astral holiday. That’s why we’ve pulled together this guide to show you how to achieve astral projection and leave Planet Earth and all it’s bullshit behind. Have a nice flight.

How to astral project: step by step guide


What you’ll need:

A quiet space

A calm mood

A weird mind


Best time to astral project:

Whenever your subconscious is strongest (usually first thing after waking or just before sleep). Some people set an alarm for six hours when they go to bed. When it goes off, they astral project as they float back into REM sleep.


How to astral project safely:


Get into your own personal sanctuary: your bed, your sofa, your hammock.

Let your body and mind slink into the surface you’re lying on. 

Scan down your body from head to toe, imagining every one of your muscle fibres as tightly woven criss-crosses. 

As you deepen your relaxation, let those knotty fibres unwind into loose, rubbery rods.

Observe patterns of light and dark through your eyelids and third eye. Can you see any colours?



Allow yourself to enter the vibration stage, where you’ll feel tingly zaps all through your body, from your skull down your spine and right down to your soles.

Continue to relax deeper as the vibrations push you out of your body.



Visualise a rope being lowered down towards your body. Watch it get closer until you can mentally grab it. 

Allow the rope to pull you as far away as possible from your body (and Earth’s current crappy predicament). Disassociate from your physical self and enter the astral realm (expect a moment of unconsciousness).

Explore the new dimension you enter. We’ve got a whole range of astral holiday deals going free below…


Disturbia Astral Holidays Deals 2020/2021:

Crimson island

Light the red Freya candle and float far, far away from your bedroom. Land on a lush, blood-red, self-sustaining island where the stars are rubies and the earth smells of roses and ylang-ylang and you can nurture your solitude in peace. Make space for visits from dancing polka-dot mushrooms and scarlet macaws and fiery koi scaling waterfalls like baby dragons.


Spaceship bedroom

Let the rope pull you up, up and up to your room for the night: an indigo spaceship with crisp cotton sheets and one giant window overlooking all the lights of Earth. You can see your house from here! No rush to get back to that mess though, just stay in your alien cocoon, flying high above and away from normal life. For more inspiration, read this.


Wolf forest

It’s a full moon in your magical forest home, which smells like bergamot, patchouli and cedar from your Freyr ritual candle. The wolves are outside. They’re waiting for you to arrive so you can go run with them by your side. You lead them through the old-men trees, past creatures seen and unseen, all gentle and self-absorbed and without a care in the world. What secrets do they sing to you?


What to do if you don’t astral project instantly

If the astral flight you’re on isn’t transporting you, you’re on the wrong astral flight. This isn’t an illusion and it isn’t something you can just psyche yourself into - you need an intense connection with all of your bodies. So, design the experience again and again. As a constantly shifting body of consciousness living on a physical dystopian planet right now, you deserve a break.



Words by Nina Cresswell