8 ways to enchant yourself this Valentine’s Day

It’s almost here: the day of love we love to hate! Whether you’re single, coupled or throupled, consider this an invitation for you to slow down (and a gentle reminder to self-love the sh!t out of yourself) this weekend. Disengage from the #Valentines drama on social media and enchant yourself with these ritual ideas instead.



Lose yourself in calm

Curl up in lounge-worthy comfort (looking at you, Celestial Tee and Shorts co-ords) & have a self-care evening. If that means you’re lying in bed doing nothing, then so be it. You literally have nowhere else to be. 


Channel celestial goddesses

Soz Cupid, we’re calling on the Tibetan goddess Kurukulla this year. She’s associated with enchanting (see: attracting, magnetising) our enlightened desires. Not in a ‘deliver-a-sexy-vampire-to-my-flat-immediately’ kind of way (sorry), but by weeding out obstacles and bringing in wisdom. Although if you visualise it enough, she might send this Vampires Boxy Tee to your door.

Experience the earth

The disappointing thing about the great outdoors are the people. But if you can avoid them - following the sun, talking to the trees, listening to the blackbirds, dipping in the sea and breathing in brisk air - you’re onto a winner. If you decide to (dare we say it) exercise, make sure you channel the elements in your running gear, too: these Bolt Leggings are a force of nature.


Worship the moon

The moon self-keeps, in the dark. But it never loses its glow. And that’s something we can all keep in mind as we navigate this strange new universe. This weekend, she’s in her waxing crescent phase, the serene slither after a New Moon which relaxes into new intentions and begins to glow again. Tap into her power with some Moon Spells



Connect to the written word

Books are literally portals to other dimensions. When you’re feeling flat or powerless, you can connect to others who’ve felt the same way - and they don’t even have to be in the same room. In Becoming Dangerous: Witchy Femmes, Queer Conjurers and Magical Rebels, 21 writers share their own rituals for dealing with life’s sh!t.  


Nurture your foliage family

Name one thing more romantic than read poetry to plants to help them grow. Actually, we can: giving your leafy loves a home in the head of a feline pharaoh planter


Roam your infinite imagination

The ‘I’ is a lie - we can literally make ourselves up. If you want to be Aphrodite this weekend, be Aphrodite. If you want to be a screaming goat, be a screaming goat. Don’t let boxes entrap you, try on personality traits like you’re trying on coats - we’re feeling this one.


Think about things that make you feel free:

☽ Starry-spangled nights

☾ The crack between worlds 

☽ The smell of good mud

☾ The back leg of a cat

☽ Tea in an oversized mug


Of course, these are just our ideas. Empowerment comes from following a path that feels true to you, so harm none and do what thou wilt