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Artist Interview: Godmachine

Right. First off in a series of Disturbia artist interviews is the spectacular Godmachine. We've had the pleasure to work with Az for the past few years, and he is the man behind the pen, behind the beard, behind such much-loved Disturbia classics as Geisha, Illuminati, Rasputin and Mary amongst other beatific creations. He is a true gent, and I'm happy I'm able to call him a friend. Here are the 15 Q&As he did with HAL 9000 aboard the TMA1 spaceship last friday afternoon:



1. Where are you right now, geographically and mentally?!

I am on the sofa in the living room on the laptop watching some shit on TV. My mind is a rich tapestry of anxiety, fear, violence, unconditional love, confusion and a burning desire to make things right, which is being systematically unpicked and clawed at by kittens of age, doubt and self loathing.


2. Describe your style:

Erratic, mindless, cheap, nasty, unthoughtful, torn between the knowledge of what is needed and what will sell.


3. Where do you derive your inspiration from? What makes you tick?

Honestly I think this will be answered the same always: from my youth- skateboards, old films, record covers, comics and so on. what makes me tick- what do you mean- if you mean what makes me draw- I really don't know: loving drawing and being able to pay the mortgage by doing so- thats a dream come true isn't it. If you mean in life, I'd say family and friends and animals and nice people and clever people. I hate this question Frank.




4. Who is your role model?

I am lucky to have so many great role models in my life: my grandad because I have never seen love on someone's face so clearly- he was like the manifestation of love. He by no way had a spotless life, but came through it all to be the greatest being of love I have ever met. My dad for being one of the strongest people I have ever known- he didn't have a easy life- but took everything it threw at him and took it like a man and didn't give up. My brother for being solid. kind, reliable and thoughtful of everyone around him. My mum- if there was ever a person who taught me to be just, strong, fight for whats right while being sensitive and kind- it was her. My wife- never have I known peace, forgiveness and gentleness like it, she cant lie and sees the good in everyone. my nan for being the glue and the food that fed the army. so in all my family- my aunts and uncles and nephews and nieces. And a few of my friends blow my mind- they are great people- they say we chose our friends because they have traits we want. My friends are kind, forgiving, intelligent, talented and funny.



5. What are your current 3 favourite albums and why?

Currently I am listening to all soundtracks- something about their passive nature and attachments to something more linear and emotional ...or something...they are great to work to. I am listening to the Event Horizon OST- spooky and exciting, features the Orb- only 4 tracks but long and creepy. The Flight of the Navigator OST, fun and nostalgic. Solaris- the greatest score ever written for a film. and thats a fact.


6. Who are your favourite artists?

Jesus this would be a list of names too long and too numerous and inevitably I would leave someone out. how about this instead: a guy walks into a chip shop with a cod under his arm and says to the guy behind the counter 'do you sell fish cakes?'

to which the guy replies 'no sorry sir we don't'

'shame' says the guy pointing at the fish... 'its his birthday'.




7. What are your current 3 most loved movies and why?

Jesus Frank- don't ask me those things, my blood is too thick for this climate. three? just three? I watched lady in the water the other day- love M.Night.shamalamadingdong- I love the way he takes such a small personal view of something epic. I like solaris too, poses some great questions. I like...too many to mention Frank. My wife suggested that I mention Repo Man as I 'talk about that a lot'. She also suggests Sphere. I like that film. Donnie Darko too- who doesn't like that film.


8. Which musicians do you most admire?

Mike Patton, never once compromised his idea or love of music. Deftones, for being more important to music than people will ever realise. Ian MacKaye for standing by his idea of what is 'right' yet never wagging his finger. Chuck D for just being. Tom I need to give you a reason? and again, many more for many reasons, I am not blinkered in my appreciation of great musicians.



9. Let us know your 2 most treasured books and the reasons why?

His Dark Materials. I have not met someone that has read that book and not walked away with something different inside them. I have been writing and deleting paragraph after paragraph here- all I can say is read that book. Read it- go buy the book- read two pages and come see me after the trilogy and I promise you will have a different look in your eyes.


Seeing as thats three books- I will leave it at that. An example of how good the book is- I should mention we have three copies in my house: 3 books of the trilogy that we first read- then my wife bought me the hardback complete edition, and I in turn bought her a super rare signed copy of only 1000 in production.


10. What is your number one vice?

Sugar and coffee. It used to be drugs- I love you drugs- I will never forget what we had, but you were no good for me in the end. I will never forget you though and what we did together.


11. When you are not drawing awesome things what do you like to get up to?

Watching films, drink coffee with friends, eat out, shop- I spent so long being a shit consumer that my wife had to tell me to get out and treat myself once in a while. So what do I buy? some skulls and cat pencils.




12. Where is your favourite place in ze whole world?

currently: friday afternoons in my flat with my wife and two cats.

In the past: saturday mornings at my parents.


13. What is your pet peeve?

ignorance and ...whats that word...where you have a non-comital feeling about something, like apathy...ummm..that..  My friend made himself a t-shirt when we were kids that read 'get an attitude'. You need to have an opinion- need to be educated about something and make up your mind.




14. Where do you spend most of your time online?

Nowhere at the moment- I used to hang out at this online community of artists but its become a victim of its own success. Now its facebook with my friends and family or twitter- I like twitter and its passive nature- like a chat room you don't have to be present in.


15. Finally, what will be written on your head stone?

I loved someone and someone loved me- it was a good life.



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